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Maltego Meetup

Do you want to learn about Maltego and engaged with the Maltego community? Join a Maltego Meetup! 🔗︎

Maltego Meetup Initiative 🔗︎

At Maltego, we are continuously striving to expand the Maltego community around the world. We are actively looking for new meetup communities to join our network and become an official meetup partner.

Organizing a Meetup 🔗︎

If you would like to organize a Maltego meetup, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Check list of current Maltego meetups on If there is one in your areas already, join in and help us grow the Maltego community.
  2. No meetups in your area? Send us an email to introducing yourself. Detail how you came to use Maltego, and your hope for the community.

Benefits of Organizing a Meetup 🔗︎

  • We will help you prepare for the first meetup. After you secure a date and location for your first meetup, we will help you by spreading the word on social media, reach out to potential speakers and sponsors in your area, and suggest new and interesting Maltego content on a regular basis.
  • Depending on availability, one of our Subject Matter Experts may be available to join your meetup.
  • In certain cases of collaboration, we can provide licenses for our paid versions.

Event Content 🔗︎

We provide an introductory meetup kit upon request which includes tutorials and guides, for an introductory meetup with the following two tracks:

  1. OSINT Track
  2. Cybersecurity Track

For each track, we provide a kit consisting of video tutorials, slides with detailed investigation use cases and detailed guide and code examples for local Transforms.

Resources 🔗︎

Questions? Need help? Email us at

Maltego Meetup Competition 🔗︎

We will periodically reward solutions or use cases in the form of blog posts, whitepapers, videos or any other format coming from the Maltego community members. The categories are as follows:

  1. Development of creative or innovative local Transforms.
  2. Innovative use cases using Maltego.

Rewards could consist of the following:

  • Maltego One edition for the winners of each track of the competitions.
  • Promotion of content collaborations, like guest blog posts, on the Maltego website and promotion through social media platforms. Read some examples of guest-authored blog posts here and here.

Providing Feedback and Submission of Content 🔗︎

How can we improve the meetup initiative? Please send us your feedback here.

To submit your material please email us at

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