This page provides details about the CTAS server.

What is CTAS?

CTAS stands for Commercial Transform Application Server and is almost an exact copy of Paterva’s public CTAS except it can be hosted internally within your organisation. This means you can run all Paterva’s standard OSINT transforms without having your requests going over Paterva’s infrastructure.

The CTAS server includes transforms for gathering OSINT from common sources on the Internet which includes querying DNS servers, search engines, social networks, various APIs and other sources. A full list of the transforms that are included with CTAS can be found in our transform guide.

Why use a private CTAS?

Out-of-the-box Maltego clients use Paterva’s public CTAS server to run transforms that are located on the Internet and used by other Maltego users. A private CTAS is for customers performing sensitive investigations – when they want to keep their transform requests private. Although Paterva will never log the questions asked or their answers when a transform query is run on our public server some customers still prefer the peace of mind provided by hosting their own copy of our CTAS.

Interested in a server?

Our staff would be happy to provide advice for the server setup best suited for your use case.

Please contact us to discuss our servers.