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01 Sep 2020

How to Buy Maltego? Our Maltego Pro and Enterprise Plans

Maltego Team

Over the past few weeks, we have shared across-the-board improvements to the Maltego solution for enterprises. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to our subscription plans—Maltego Pro, Enterprise, and Enterprise On-premise—to help our professional users make the most of their time, by simplifying data access, learning, as well as the product selection and purchase process.

For us, our Pro and Enterprise plans are the result of a natural evolution. Maltego began in 2007 as a tool for the info-sec community and it has come a long way since then. Due to easy accessibility and the seamless integration of a wide variety of OSINT data, Maltego has become a proven tool for a range of investigation use cases, whether network footprinting, malware attribution or personal reconnaissance. Maltego has been featured multiple times in the best pre-installed Kali Linux tools for penetration testing and has contributed to over one million investigations across 105 countries.

As the nature of investigative work changes with increased and diverse data (OSINT and commercial), as well as the need to remotely share analyses within larger, distributed teams and organizations, Maltego has adapted too. Aligned with our mission to build the most intuitive and customizable tool for investigators, with easy and efficient integration of all types of data, we offer commercial plans for professionals and enterprises in addition to the free Maltego community edition intended for private use. Maltego is sold as a subscription to allow all users to participate in the continuous evolution of the Maltego Desktop and the data sources that power your investigation.

Maltego Pro Plans for Professionals 🔗︎

Our Maltego Pro plan is the affordable solution for individual investigators that wants to use Maltego commercially. It can be purchased exclusively via our self-service web-shop via credit card payment. Every Pro plan includes the Maltego Desktop Client and the Maltego Standard Transforms for OSINT data, as well as collaboration capabilities. Pro plan users have the option to additionally purchase commercial data integrations available in the Transform Hub. In addition, Pro plan subscribers have access to our on-demand learning platform and can purchase on-demand courses on a subscription or pay-per-course basis. The Maltego Pro plan can be purchased as an annual subscription.

Maltego Enterprise Plans for Enterprise Teams: Dedicated Support and Flexible Deployment Options 🔗︎

Our Maltego Enterprise plans include the Maltego Enterprise Desktop, dedicated customer success managers, access to our Maltego Foundations course and flexible deployment options. Enterprise plans can be fully customized, and offer deployment through a dedicated enterprise cloud instance or on-premise deployment for performant and secure integration of own data, special support and services and training formats—all designed to let enterprise teams focus on investigations and letting us take care of set-up and maintenance.

Like in the Pro plans, Enterprise users can purchase access to all our commercial data integrations, but Enterprise users can avail the added benefit of our Transform writing services to integrate own data sources into Maltego.

Please reach out to us to find out more about our Enterprise plans and we will tailor Maltego to the needs of your team and organization.

Find the Right Maltego Plan for You and Your Team 🔗︎

Visit our pricing page to get started. If you have any questions, please read our FAQs or simply reach out and we will gladly help you pick the right plan for you and your organization.

If you are an existing Maltego user and not yet subscribed to a Pro or Enterprise plan, reach out to us to learn how you can upgrade.

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