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22 March 2024

Webinar | The 2024 Election Playbook with Maltego: Analysis, Challenges, and Solutions

In 2024, an unprecedented number of voters from over 64 countries are set to cast their ballots in what promises to be a historic election year. This surge in electoral activity presents unique challenges for election and disinformation analysts, electoral commissions, policymakers, and even social media platforms.

With the landscape of electoral integrity more complex than ever, Jules Brahms and Nitish Chandan, SMEs from Maltego, come together to discuss the internet’s role in shaping and disseminating civic discourse.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • 04:38 The Importance of the 2024 Elections
  • 09:02 Challenges of Electoral Monitoring
  • 12:18 Mitigation of Misinformation and Disinformation in 2024
  • 26:22 Use case 1: Manipulation Campaigns and Overcoming Language Barriers
  • 33:46 Use case 2: Multi-location Social Listening
  • 36:50 Use case 3: Identification of Misinformation from Social Media Posts
  • 47:08 Use case 4: Identification of Misinformation from Videos

About the Speakers

Nitish Chandan is an experienced trust and safety professional with expertise in product risk assessment, crisis response, and investigations. He is currently a Subject Matter Expert at Maltego, where he works with platforms to support their trust and safety investigation needs by developing use cases and investigation pathways. He also regularly conducts training for trust and safety teams to build capacity in risk assessments and fraud investigations. In his last role at Twitter, he was a Senior Product Trust Partner, focused on Twitter’s revenue products and product compliance in the JAPAC region.

Jules Brahms is a Subject Matter Expert at Maltego, where she supports the trust and safety needs of brands, companies, and platforms, drawing on her experience as a trust and safety professional with a background in incident response, product abuse, and misinformation prevention. In her role, she develops workflows for trust and safety practitioners and conducts training with teams to build capacity in risk assessments, the handling of misinformation and electoral manipulation, and person of interest investigations. Previously, Jules worked as a Subject Matter Expert for online radicalization and misinformation at trust and safety provider ActiveFence, which delivers trust and safety solutions to leading online platforms.