23 August 2021

Webinar | Visual Investigations: Speed Up Incident Response, Forensics Analysis, and Hunting!

With the rising number and sophistication of cyber-attacks faced by organizations, modern CISO’s are ramping up internal processes and infrastructure to not only prevent incidents, but also remediate them faster to reduce the harmful impact of attacks on the organization.

Visual investigations can save valuable time by allowing efficient evaluation of incidents as well as faster investigation of anomalies and evidence left by threat actors in your networks.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. The value of visual investigations
  2. To conduct investigations with real world examples leveraging VT Graph and Maltego
  3. Advanced techniques in malware investigations

Disclaimer: In light of the ongoing aggression against Ukraine, we are committed to ensuring transparency regarding the providers in the Transform Hub so that you can make the right decisions regarding your investigative work. Please note that Kaspersky is partially based in Russia. Read more about Kaspersky’s position here.

Meet the Speakers

The speakers of this webinar are Mathieu Gaucheler from Maltego, Ariel Jungheit from Kaspersky, and Vicente Diaz from VirusTotal.

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