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25 October 2021

Webinar | Investigating Misinformation: Analyze Iranian-Owned Domains Using WhoisXML API

In 2021, the U.S. Department of Justice seized a few dozen Iranian-owned domain names, on the basis that the websites hosted on these had been spreading misinformation.

In this webinar, WhoisXML API and Maltego experts will take a deeper look into these websites and connections between them using the capabilities of Maltego and historical WHOIS data from WhoisXML API.

Meet The Speakers

Mario Rojas is a Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert at Maltego with more than eleven years of experience in the Cyber Security field, specializing in risk management and threat analysis and is known for creative solutions that stem from his expert technical knowledge.

Alexander Ronquillo is the Sr. Director of Business Development at WhoisXML API and directs critical projects for the company’s enterprise engagements, continuous revenue growth, and Internet data exchange partnerships since 2019.

Alexandre Francois is the Head of Marketing & Security Researcher at WhoisXML API. Following his ever-growing passion for OSINT and data security, Alexandre loves spending hours studying IoCs, uncovering connected artifacts, and preparing easily digestible security investigations using WHOIS and DNS data.