Maltego offers solutions for open source intelligence and visual link analysis​

What is Maltego?

Maltego is used by a broad range of users, ranging from security professionals to forensic investigators, investigative journalists, and researchers.

The Maltego application.

Choose from four versions of the Maltego application to match your scope of investigation:
Classic – Commercial version returning up to 10,000 Entities per Transform​
XL – Commercial version for large investigations to view up to 1,000,000 pieces of information​
Community Edition (CE) – Free version returning up to 12 Entities per Transform​
CaseFile – Free version for commercial use to visualize connections in offline data
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Data sources.​

In the integrated Transform Hub you can choose from:
Free, public (OSINT) Transforms with every version of Maltego​
Free and commercial data from more than 30 hub partners​
Your own data via local imports or develop your own Transforms to mine internal data​
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CTAS (Commercial Transform Application Server)
iTDS (Internal Transform Distribution Server)
Comms (Communications) Server

Deployment options.​

We offer the following on-premise solutions:
CTAS (Commercial Transform Application Server) – Our standard Transforms hosted within your organization​
iTDS (Internal Transform Distribution Server) – Develop Transforms to access your own data sources and distribute them to your teams​
Comms (Communications) Server – Collaborate with fellow investigators in real-time with shared graphs​
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Support services.​

Every Maltego user has free access to our documentation and support. In addition, we offer a variety of paid services to our customers:
Onboarding support during deployment​
Integration support
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