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15 Nov 2023

The Pivot Podcast: The Evolution of OSINT and Digital Safety Strategies with Jezer Ferreira!

Maltego Team

In this last episode of the first season of The Pivot Podcast, we welcome our guest, Jezer Ferreira!

Jezer Ferreira, a passionate professor with recognized expertise in OSINT, has made significant contributions to the field. He serves as the Coordinator of Cyber Intelligence Training at the Cyber Hunter Academy and is also a professor of OSINT and CySA in the Master of Cybersecurity and Cyber Defense program at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Furthermore, he is the founder of the Osintomático Conference, the largest OSINT and Social Engineering event in Europe. In recognition of his collaborative efforts with the police to combat cyberterrorism, he was honored with ‘The Holy Guardian Angels - Friends of the National Police’ medal.

In this episode of The Pivot, we journey through Jezer’s beginnings in the OSINT realm, discuss the dynamic evolution of the discipline and its interconnected fields, and examine the generational shifts in social media engagement. Beyond insights for OSINT and cybersecurity professionals, Jezer also offers valuable advice on how everyone can navigate the internet confidently by cultivating safe digital habits.

Watch the video version with English subtitles below or listen to this podcast episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or the Maltego YouTube channel!

The Pivot, Your OSINT and Infosec Podcast 🔗︎

Brought to you by Maltego, The Pivot is your OSINT and infosec podcast that dives deep into topics pivoting from information security to the criminal underground. Through The Pivot episodes, we aim to share insightful information for beginners and seasoned investigators alike, shedding light on all things OSINT and infosec from an insider’s perspective. 

Each episode features one or two of Maltego’s Subject Matter Experts as the host and an external expert, researcher, or industry leader invited to share their projects, stories, experiences, and advice. 

Closing the First Season of The Pivot Podcast 🔗︎

The first season of The Pivot comes to a close with the 20th episode. We’re deeply grateful to our listeners for being a key part of this enlightening journey. We also wanted to thank all our guests for sharing their knowledge.

While awaiting the new season, you can revisit your favorite episodes and refresh the insights shared by tuning in to previous episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or by watching the video version of each episode on the Maltego YouTube channel.

The last episode with Jezer Ferreira as a guest stands out as it is entirely recorded in Spanish, making it a special treat for our Spanish-speaking audience.

For our non-Spanish speaking audience, we have included English subtitles in the video version below for your convenience, ensuring everyone can enjoy it.

The Evolution of OSINT and Digital Safety Strategies with Jezer Ferreira 🔗︎

Tune in to the interview with Jezer to delve deeper into:

  • How the OSINT discipline and its related areas are evolving
  • The meaning of preventive OSINT and its application by companies
  • Digital safety measures that OSINT and cybersecurity professionals and individuals outside the industry alike can adopt to protect themselves, their families, and friends
  • The reasons why OSINT and cybersecurity professionals should embrace a hacker mindset and other essential skills they must possess to excel in the field

For Spanish speakers: You can dive into a full conversation with Jezer Ferreira discussing the evolution of OSINT and sharing cybersecurity tactics for both companies and individuals — all in Spanish! You can find this podcast episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Check out Jezer’s work on Twitter!

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Happy investigating!

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