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We are continuously rolling out new and improved product updates and services to support our worldwide investigative community and customers.

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October - December, 2021 🔗︎

Data integrations for Tatum, alphaMountain, LoginsoftOSINT, GreyNoise Enterprise, and many other data sources. Merry Christmas!

July - September, 2021 🔗︎

Data integrations for Polonious, Intezer, NIST NVD, Splunk, and many other data sources for deep & dark web, scam activities, and person investigations. Get insights into forensics analysis, hunting, and more!

April - June, 2021 🔗︎

Data for cybercriminal underground, STIX & OpenCTI, AlienVaultOTX, insights to the SolarWinds SUNBURST attack, and more!

January - March, 2021 🔗︎

Data for cryptocurrency investigations, OCCRP Aleph integration, deep dives into SOC team challenges, company investigation use cases, and more!

October - December 2020 🔗︎

Data for infrastructure footprinting, VirusTotal updates, Pipl and CipherTrace data subscriptions, and Merry Christmas!

July - September, 2020 🔗︎

New integrations for the Wayback Machine and Pipl, Maltego Standard Transform update, and a revamp of our Transform Hub.

April - June, 2020 🔗︎

Bringing ATT&CK - MISP framework and reverse image search into Maltego and deep diving into GozNym Botnet investigation.