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New in Maltego: October - December 2021

Data integrations for Tatum, alphaMountain, LoginsoftOSINT, GreyNoise Enterprise, and many other data sources. Merry Christmas!

Data Integrations πŸ”—︎

Introducing Tatum Integration πŸ”—︎

The Tatum integration in Maltego allows investigators to explore the blockchains of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, as well as Dogecoin to a lesser extent.

Introducing alphaMountain Integration πŸ”—︎

The alphaMountain threat response integration for Maltego enables users to conduct investigations informed by reputation scores of the hosts, domains, and IP addresses of the target.

Introducing LoginsoftOSINT Integration πŸ”—︎

The LoginsoftOSINT Transforms for Maltego enable investigators to detect disposable phone numbers and obtain other meta-data such as apps registered with this phone number and more.

Introducing GreyNoise Enterprise Transforms πŸ”—︎

GreyNoise Enterprise data integration in Maltego allows investigators to separate common noise from real attacks and malicious scans.

Introducing Google Maps Geocoding Transforms πŸ”—︎

Maltego’s Google Maps Geocoding Transforms enable investigators to match identical addresses across alternative spellings and understand patterns across location granularities without losing precision.

Introducing IPQS & OpenCNAM Transforms πŸ”—︎

With our new addition, investigators can enrich a phone number with a possible name for the owner or with validity and spam/fraud-related tags.

Introducing Google Programmable Search Engine Transforms πŸ”—︎

The Google Programmable Search Engine Transforms for Maltego help investigators search for people and aliases in major social media networks for free.

Deployment & Infrastructure πŸ”—︎

Log4j Incident πŸ”—︎

As with many other companies across the globe, Maltego utilizes the Apache Log4j Java library that was revealed to be vulnerable to a Remote Code Execution (RCE) exploit. The Maltego Desktop Client is not affected while on-premise customers are advised to update.

Learning & Training πŸ”—︎

Webinar: Intezer πŸ”—︎

This webinar identifies what family a malware sample belongs to, gains network behaviour visibility, and examines Linux malware that fly under the radar.

Webinar: WhoisXML πŸ”—︎

This webinar presents how to use Maltego and WhoisXML to take a deeper look into websites spreading misinformation and connections between them.

Webinar: Intel 471 πŸ”—︎

This webinar shows how to combat and stay ahead of potential threats by leveraging and visualizing the right intelligence.

Webinar: Pipl πŸ”—︎

This webinar presents how the right data and visual link analysis help investigators to resolve cases and take down criminals faster.

Webinar: Investigating COVID-19 Disinformation πŸ”—︎

Watch this webinar to learn how to use SOCMINT and corporate databases to investigate the reach, sources, and actors of disinformation campaigns.

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