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New in Maltego: July - September 2020

New integrations for the Wayback Machine and Pipl, Maltego Standard Transform update, and a revamp of our Transform Hub.

Maltego Desktop Client πŸ”—︎

Version 4.2.13 πŸ”—︎

Maltego Desktop Client Version 4.2.13 prepares for macOS Big Sur. Learn more about the update in our Change Log.

Transform Hub Redesign πŸ”—︎

We launch a major update to the look and feel of the Transform Hub, and the new Maltego Standard Transforms.

Data Integrations πŸ”—︎

Introducing Wayback Machine Transforms πŸ”—︎

The Wayback Machine Transforms in Maltego allow investigators to monitor changes to websites, find deleted social media posts, and trace bad actors attempting.

Introducing New Maltego Standard Transforms πŸ”—︎

The new Maltego Standard Transforms include updates to the HTTP Transforms, Property Transforms, Wayback Machine Transforms, and the original Paterva CTAS Transforms.

Introducing the Pipl Transforms πŸ”—︎

With the Pipl Transforms in Maltego, investigators can now streamline their person of interest investigations, vastly reducing the time spent gathering information.

Learning & Training πŸ”—︎

Maltego’s New Learning Offering πŸ”—︎

The Maltego Learning & Training offering now includes technical documentation, video tutorial series, and the newly introduced on-demand courses and in-person trainingβ€”both remote and on-premise.

Whitepaper: Digital Forensics πŸ”—︎

In this whitepaper, we introduce the digital forensics tools most used by the German police and how Maltego supports their analysis, access, and management.

Whitepaper: State of German Police IT πŸ”—︎

This whitepaper presents an overview of the current IT infrastructure of German Police and discuss how data enrichment with OSINT can boost the criminal investigations, mainly those originating from cyber- or computer crimes.

OCCRP Aleph Webinar πŸ”—︎

Data Discovery for Investigative Journalism with Maltego and OCCRP Aleph.

Farsight Webinar πŸ”—︎

Leveraging Passive DNS Data in Your Cyber Investigations with Farsight and Maltego.

Whitepaper: UBA Systems πŸ”—︎

This whitepaper shows how organizations can overcome User Behavior Analytics limitations and speed up insider threat alert investigations by integrating UBA tools into Maltego.

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