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New in Maltego: January - March 2021

Data for cryptocurrency investigations, OCCRP Aleph integration, deep dives into SOC team challenges, company investigation use cases, and more!

Maltego Desktop Client πŸ”—︎

OAuth 2.0 in Maltego πŸ”—︎

In Maltego, we use OAuth to allow our users to log into third-party providers with their credentials and have an access token returned to the tool.

Maltego Keyboard Shortcuts πŸ”—︎

There are few shortcuts in Maltego that simplify navigating withing and between graph, search and selection commands, and zooming and viewing.

Data Integrations πŸ”—︎

Finding Music: Introducing the Discogs Transforms πŸ”—︎

With the new Discogs Transforms, rightsholder investigators and music enthusiasts alike can query and visualize the relationships between music artists, labels, and releases.

Tracing Transactions through the Bitcoin Blockchain πŸ”—︎

In this article, we will explore the updated Entities, Transforms, and features of our free-to-use (Bitcoin) Hub item and examine why seemingly anonymous Bitcoin transactions can be traced.

Enrich Due Diligence & Company Investigations with OCCRP Aleph Transforms πŸ”—︎

The OCCRP Aleph data integration is a useful addition to Maltego for journalists, trust & safety investigators, and analysts and researchers in various fields.

Learning & Training πŸ”—︎

Orbis Webinar πŸ”—︎

Corporate Structure Link Analysis with Orbis & Maltego for Company Investigations

CipherTrace Webinar πŸ”—︎

Follow the Money: Using Cryptocurrency Intelligence to Solve Modern Financial Crimes

Whitepaper: Tackling Tool Fatigue πŸ”—︎

We will take a look at the standard toolset of a SOC team and present interoperable tools to tackle tool fatigue for your SOC team.

DomainTools Webinar πŸ”—︎

This webinar presents how investigators can combine DomainTools with Maltego for effective data aggregation, correlation, and validation, all in a visualized and interactive graph.

Whitepaper: Threat Intelligence for Small SOC Teams πŸ”—︎

Top 13 high-quality threat intel options for SOC teams that are amongst our end-users’ favorites and suitable for all budget sizes in this whitepaper.


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