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New in Maltego: April - June 2021

Data for cybercriminal underground, STIX & OpenCTI, AlienVaultOTX, insights to the SolarWinds SUNBURST attack, and more!

Data Integrations πŸ”—︎

Introducing Bing News Transforms πŸ”—︎

The News Transforms enable investigators, journalists, and researchers to quickly gather time-sensitive news and background context to complement all sorts of investigations.

Cyber Threat Intel with STIX2 Entities and OpenCTI πŸ”—︎

Our new additions enable you to structure, store, and organize cyber threat intel and information that your organization collects for cyber investigations.

Intel 471 Data Subscriptions πŸ”—︎

Access deep & dark web intelligence and map threat profiles through Intel 471 data subscriptionsβ€”flexible subscriptions for individuals and small teams.

DittoTRX Transform Server πŸ”—︎

This 2-part article series will walk you through the release of the ditto Transform server, setting up the server, and how to use the Transforms in Maltego.

Combine the Power of AlienVault OTX and Maltego πŸ”—︎

The new AlienVault OTX Transform Hub item enables investigators to retrieve AlienVault OTX Pulses within Maltego.

Introducing New Silobreaker Transforms πŸ”—︎

With the new Silobreaker Transforms in Maltego, investigators can monitor and research a wide variety of different threats, IoCs, and incidents.

The Power of AbuseIPDB πŸ”—︎

Using the AbuseIPDB data in Maltego, cyber analysts can speed up investigations involving suspicious IP addresses.

Deployment & Infrastructure πŸ”—︎

iTDS 4.0.1 πŸ”—︎

iTDS 4.0.1 updates are released. Read more about the updates in our release changelog.

COMMS Dockerized πŸ”—︎

COMMS is now updated and dockerized!

Learning & Training πŸ”—︎

Case Study: NetWalker RaaS Investigation πŸ”—︎

We demonstrate how cyber analysts can use Maltego and CipherTrace cryptocurrency intelligence to analyze, identify, and respond to ransomware attacks.

HYAS & Farsight Webinar πŸ”—︎

This webinar shows how Maltego enable threat intelligence teams, cyber security analysts, and government agencies to analyze and visualize relationships in attacker infrastructure and take down threats.

Whitepaper: Reducing SOC Team’s Alert Fatigue πŸ”—︎

We dissect the problems causing alert fatigue in SOC teams and present the solution to accelerate and streamline the overall incident analysis and incident response workflow in this whitepaper.

Recorded Future Webinar πŸ”—︎

This webinar presents how investigators can combine real-time threat intelligence from the entire web and Maltego to discover, validate, and contextualize IOCs in the case like a cryptocurrency mining botnet investigation.

Intel 471 Webinar πŸ”—︎

This webinar demonstrate how Maltego provide cyber security teams, law enforcement agencies, and Trust & Safety investigators with the necessary context to stay ahead of potential threats and trace cybercriminal activities.

Case Study: SolarWinds SUNBURST Investigation πŸ”—︎

We will demonstrate how you can use the new DNSDB Flexible Search Transforms with Maltego to discover key assets and activities that might have been hidden during investigations in this case study.

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