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16 May 2022

Webinar | SOCMINT Targeting Investigations with Maltego and SocialNet

While conducting advanced cyber investigations, illicit communities remain a crucial source for invaluable data and intelligence about threats, fraudulent activities, and malicious actors.

This webinar explains how the investigative capabilities of Maltego combined with ShadowDragon’s SocialNet Transforms can enable users to gather and correlate open-source intelligence pertaining to their missions. Investigators can build a comprehensive perspective by quickly scanning information available on social media and quickly visualize connections and obtain actionable intelligence.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How ShadowDragon’s SocialNet and Maltego save you hours in OSINT investigations of threat actors
  2. Advanced techniques used within Maltego to automate identified workflows
  3. Insights and best practices from real-world investigations

Meet the Speakers

Mathieu Gaucheler is a subject matter expert at Maltego. His responsibilities include research-driven content development for blog posts, webinars, and talks. He started working in cybersecurity in Barcelona, focusing on malware analysis and sandbox development. He has previously presented his research at BotConf and RSA APJ.

Elliott Anderson is an OSINT instructor, software engineer, and chief technical officer for ShadowDragon. Mr. Anderson has been training analysts and agents in the more advanced techniques of PAI/OSINT including, targeting of human traffickers, terrorists, and fraudsters.