16 March 2022

Webinar | Accelerate your Investigations with ShadowDragon’s SocialNet and Maltego

Focus on the investigation, not the time-consuming tasks of scouring through and correlating large quantities of data! During this webinar, Maltego’s Global Key Account Manager, Steffen Iwan, and Chief Technical Officer at ShadowDragon, Elliot Anderson, will show you how to make your investigative process more efficient and save valuable hours by combining powerful OSINT from ShadowDragon’s SocialNet with the visual link analysis capabilities in Maltego.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. How to make your investigative process more efficient
  2. How to utilize the visual link analysis capabilities
  3. Hands-on and interactive demo and real-life use cases

Meet the Speakers

Steffen Iwan is currently the Head of Direct Sales at Maltego. In his role he is working heavily with Government Offices and Law Enforcement Agencies around the globe to show them how to leverage Maltego to its fullest potential. Therefore, he will provide you with a broad overview of what Maltego is mainly being used in law enforcement deployments - from standard website investigations to targeted social media investigations to complex corporate structure analysis.

Elliott Anderson is an OSINT instructor, software engineer, and chief technical officer for ShadowDragon. Mr. Anderson has been training analysts and agents in the more advanced techniques of PAI/OSINT including, targeting of human traffickers, terrorists, and fraudsters.