01 July 2021

Webinar | Investigating EtterSilent: New Maldoc Generator on the Block

EtterSilent is a malicious document builder that has gained popularity on underground forums since it was first offered for sale around mid-2020. This webinar shows how to investigate this notorious maldoc builder, which creates files that masquerade as DocuSign documents to distribute criminal payload.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Learn which threat actors and cybercriminal gangs are using EtterSilent in their malware campaigns.
  2. Quickly and easily uncover more about the threat actor behind the sale of EtterSilent using underground cybercrime intelligence and OSINT data.
  3. Learn how to streamline investigation workflows with visualization and a unified view of intelligence.

Meet the Speakers

Liv Rowley is a Subject Matter Expert at Maltego where she conducts research into various cybersecurity threats. Much of her research has focused on threat originating from the cybercriminal underground as well as the Latin American cybercriminal space.

Ian Gray is the director of intelligence at Flashpoint, he focuses on producing strategic and business risk intelligence reports on emerging cybercrime and hacktivist threats.

Max Menuhim heads up the Silobreaker product team and works with cilents to ensure their intelligence goals are met. He joined Silobreaker in 2016 and has playd a key role in developing the product since then.

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