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Dataprovider Transforms for Maltego

The directory contains 280 million domains, 30 to 50 pages deep, and holds over 200 data variables for each website. One can use this data to discover new pathways through networks of websites and gather unique insights into online domains.

Without WHOIS data it’s difficult to find detailed information on who owns a website. With Transforms, trace domain back to its roots, uncover hidden connections between data points and find relationships between information from assorted sources on the Internet such as finding incoming links, companies, IP addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and social profiles of all Entities within a network.


  • Discover and visualize relationships between domain names, IP addresses, contact information, social profiles, and more
  • With 50+ Transforms that query into directory, gain access to countless data points that help trace a website to its source without using WHOIS information
  • Control search by choosing to include or exclude historical data of more than 3 years

Typical Users of This Data

  • Online Fraud & Brand Fraud Investigators

Pricing & Access

Pricing Tier: Free Trial

  • Instant access
  • No Registration Required
  • No API Key required

Hub Type: Community and Commercial Hub

Requirements: For full solution access, Maltego One, Classic or XL edition and subscription

Access: For sales inquiry or to purchase an API key, kindly reach out to Maltego via the form below.


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About Dataprovider is a web-crawling company that transforms the internet into a structured database. They have crawlers going from link to link to index all websites in a country and collect extensive data on over 280 million domains from 50 different countries each month. This data is summarized in a clean and searchable platform that includes company information, contact details, eCommerce characteristics, hosting properties and technical aspects. They are a widely used tool for lead generation, market research, customer insight, online brand protection and much more.

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