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On-Premise Training

Our Maltego training for Beginners 🔗︎

Getting acquainted with the different sources of OSINT available to a security analyst can be quite a daunting task even with the use of Maltego. During this training we will help you unlock the true potential and raw power of Maltego – from helping you to understand the underlying technologies to exploring the full potential of Maltego’s analytical capabilities.

From conducting brand protection and anti-counterfeit analysis to mapping basic L1 network footprints of organizations, this training will propel you into the world of open source intelligence feet first. Expect to be surprised by how much data is ‘out there’ and what people can do with it as well as how you can reach this data for both offensive to defensive security.

This is a two-day hands-on course packed with practical exercises using real world data, giving participants real world experience with the tool.

Who should take this training? 🔗︎

This training offers skill sets that apply to almost anyone interested in gathering information and analyzing it. Specifically, people with the following backgrounds will benefit greatly:

  • Open source intelligence investigators.
  • Cyber security professionals and SOC teams.
  • Fraud investigation teams.
  • Law enforcement or intelligence community.
  • Business analysts and data scientists.

Course breakdown 🔗︎

Day 1: 🔗︎

  • Introduction to Maltego and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).
  • How to use Maltego effectively - Mine, merge, map with Maltego.
  • The anatomy of an investigation - What is exploratory link analysis and how do you practice that in Maltego?
  • Practice makes perfect - Learn to wield the power of Maltego with some basic use cases.

Day 2: 🔗︎

  • Infrastructure - Deep dive into understanding investigations of internal and public network infrastructure.
  • Widening the net - Incorporating data from other partners.
  • Social media - Investigations with social media data.
  • Incorporating your own data - Import/Export data, and a short introduction to Maltego Servers.
  • Bringing it all together - Example use cases combining public, commercial and private data.

Classroom requirements 🔗︎

Private Maltego training is performed on the client’s premises and the following equipment will be required to conduct the training:

  • A training room with desks and chairs for the trainer and all the students.
  • A projector with a resolution of at least 1080p.
  • Enough power plugs for all the students
  • Each student will need laptop (Mac or PC) with at least 4 GB of ram, a mouse (very important), and enough hard drive space to install the latest version of Maltego.
  • An open, unfiltered broadband Internet connection.
  • A white board and markers for illustrations.

Participant Requirements 🔗︎

Students are required to know common Internet services (like HTTP, DNS), search engines (basic ‘Google hacking’) and basic IT security principles (port scanning etc) would be a plus. Some scripting or programming experience (Python, PERL, PHP) is also definitely an advantage!

Ready for more? We offer advanced trainings 🔗︎

Our advanced trainings target participants that are already familiar with the basics of Maltego and want to learn how to extend Maltego’s capabilities. Participants require some basic knowledge in scripting as well as accessing databases or APIs. Our advanced training covers:

  • Maltego Server Infrastructure
  • Designing Custom Entities
  • Writing Transforms
  • Building Machines
  • Creating custom Views

If you are interested in purchasing an on-premise training, please reach out to our sales team using our price inquiry form:

Purchase Training? 🔗︎

You can purchase Maltego training from our webshop:

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