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We live in a world full of data. The challenge is to turn single data points into relevant knowledge. At Maltego, we build on the experience that the human capability of pattern recognition still exceeds the cognitive capacities of machines. Therefore, it is our mission to provide digital tools that empower investigators to focus on their strength: To spot relationships that seem invisible to others, to keep digging when there seems to be a dead end, and to find the needle in the haystack that is the key to solving a case.
Maltego FAQ
28 August 2019
These FAQ are both for Maltego novices as well as experienced users. Find answers to the most frequent questions about Maltego – both in regard to the tool as well as to our recent organizational developments. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please, do not hesitate to reach out to us. FAQ Overview FAQ 1: What is Maltego? FAQ 2: Who uses Maltego? FAQ 3: What is Paterva?
Welcome to Maltego
28 August 2019
Dear Maltego Community, We are excited to welcome you to Maltego’s homepage! As of today, this page serves as your number one destination to get Maltego and to learn about new features product updates, and company news. What you probably noticed is the new look and feel of our website. Having a new visual interface is often a signal for big changes and upheavals. Indeed, a lot has happened since Maltego Technologies has taken responsibility for the customer-facing operations for all Maltego products from Paterva and we opened our new headquarters in Munich, Germany (…btw, we are hiring!