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On-demand courses

4.4 21 reviews

Maltego Essentials - 1 hour 10 mins (approx.)

This Maltego Essentials Series will provide you with a good introduction about the capabilities of Maltego and hopefully get you started with your own investigations.

4.6 15 reviews

Maltego Foundations - 2 hours (approx.)

This introductory course will teach you all the basics that you require to get started with Maltego. By the end of this course, you will have been introduced to all that Maltego has to cover, and be able to do your own OSINT investigations.

4.7 3 reviews

Maltego Advanced - 3 hours (approx.)

This course builds on our Foundations course with a strong focus on enabling you to use OSINT data, and data from our integration partners. We will also learn to extend Maltego for a personal fit.

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Maltego Resources

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Leverage our detailed guides to learn all about the Maltego Desktop Client, Entities, Transforms, Servers and much more.

Case Studies
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Read our profound collection of White papers. Learn how to integrate and use the best data integrations.

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Get started with our Beginners' Guide | Charting My First Maltego Graph. Learn Maltego graphs, Transforms, and Entities.

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Listen to our online talks. Each month we choose the most relevant topics and disscuss it with invited professionals.