This page provides details about the iTDS server.

What is iTDS?

TDS stands for Transform Distribution Server. The server has a web front-end and gives you the ability to manage, share and distribute custom-built transforms from a central point within your organisation.

The public TDS is located on the Internet and is free for all to use. It’s a convenient way to immediately start writing remote transforms. Since this server is located on Paterva’s infrastructure data will be flowing from the Maltego GUI to this server and finally to your transform code hosted on a web server of your choice. The server interface can be reached here.

For those dealing with sensitive internal data that cannot go over the Internet or over Paterva’s infrastructure we offer the (i)nternal TDS. The iTDS provide the same functionality as Paterva’s public TDS however it can be hosted internally on your own infrastructure.

What does an iTDS do?

An iTDS allows you to combine Maltego transforms, entities and their configurations into a single item that can be distributed and installed by different Maltego users. This makes it easy to share custom transforms and configurations amongst a team of analysts or, should you choose so, with the rest of the world. The iTDS is configured and managed using a web-interface.

How does a iTDS work?

The easiest way to think of an iTDS is as a proxy for transforms. When executing an iTDS transform the Maltego client will make a request to the iTDS server with the transform name requested, transform seed and input entity. The iTDS will then look up that transform (within that transform seed) to find the target script and essentially ‘proxy’ the request to the end-point.

An iTDS is only used to manage and distribute your transforms and their configurations. The actual transform code is hosted on another web server which is also hosted by the end-user. For detailed documentation on configuring an iTDS please visit our Developer Portal.

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Interested in a server?

Our staff would be happy to provide advice for the server setup best suited for your use case.

Please contact us to discuss our servers.