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Webinar | Fraud Investigations: Advanced Techniques for Unmasking Criminals Using Breach Data

Billions of data assets per year are exposed in breaches, including digital breadcrumbs from criminals who use online accounts that are subject to breaches just like the rest of us. The wealth of information is used by investigators to quickly uncover the unique identifiers used by specific criminals, unmask their real-world identities, and serve as evidence in bringing them to justice.

This webinar explains applications of breach data across your organization, demonstrations of how to pivot on that data to hunt down criminals or investigate suspicious customer activity, new methodologies you might not know exist, and methods for attribution of malicious actors.

You will see how SpyCloud’s database of 100B breach assets and 50+ assets and 50+ Maltego Transforms make it faster and more efficient for law enforcement and enterprise investigators teams to take down criminals.

Because we use real (inactive) cases and actual criminal data, the content is considered sensitive and meant for a closed group of confirmed investigators. To access the webinar recording, please send your corporate contact information to

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