16 Jul 2020

Enhancing Cyber Security Investigation Workflows with Maltego

Maltego Team

Due to its ability to easily pull in vast amounts of data and show patterns as they emerge, Maltego has found its way into the investigative workflows of all kinds of organizations. It is used by a broad audience, from security professionals and pentesters, to forensic investigators, investigative journalists, and market researchers.

How cybersecurity investigators use maltego

Maltego Cybersecurity Solution: Faster and More Precise Investigation πŸ”—︎

In particular, Maltego can expedite and simplify complex cybersecurity investigations, saving valuable time for analysts, incident responders, and threat hunters, by improving legitimization and false positive identification of alerts provided by security systems. This enables more efficient evaluations of incidents, as well as conducting effective investigation and analysis of anomalies and evidence left by threat actors in your networks.

In Security Operations Center (SOC) investigation workflows, the contextualization and quick exploitation of the relationships between information can yield significant value, and this is where Maltego comes in. Easy to onboard and customize, Maltego is deployed by cybersecurity professionals at different stages of the escalation process of investigation of digital artifacts found in system alerts. Maltego users know there is no such thing as an infallible automated system, and thus our tool helps them perform rapid and efficient manual or semi-automated analyses where fully autonomous systems alone are not enough to understand and resolve an incident anymore.

Maltego improves the investigative workflows of SOC team

Learn more about how to improve the investigative workflows of your SOC team with Maltego here.

How Cybersecurity Investigators Use Maltego: Use Cases πŸ”—︎

Due to the amount and types of data accessible through Maltego, Maltego can support various investigations. For instance, Maltego can be very powerful when it comes to infrastructure footprinting, which helps cybersecurity professionals discover unknown subdomains, identify potentially compromising spots, or track down phishing activities.

Investigators also rely on Maltego to carry out brand protection by pulling business risk intelligence from Dark Web data. This enables company to decrease the likelihood of financial damage due to insider threats, breached data, or other attacks.

We are constantly documenting and sharing how Maltego supports cybersecurity investigation in various perspectives and for different goals. Read more about these use cases in our blog or schedule a demo with our experts to discuss your needs and learn more about Maltego’s solutions.

Data, Graph and Collab: All in One Place πŸ”—︎

Seamless Data Integration πŸ”—︎

In Maltego, you can seamlessly integrate the vast ocean of OSINT data, your preferred SIEM, internal ticketing system or threat intel provider directly through the Transform Hub.

By using our Standard and other OSINT Transforms, you can refine raw data to build a complete picture of your attack surface. A number of third-party threat intel providers like CrowdStrike, Recorded Future, Flashpoint and many more are available to install, and even offer free trials.

Maltego integrates multiple data sources to pair with yours

For the integration of internal data sources like Splunk or ServiceNow, we offer the following services:

  • Use case discovery
  • Transform design and writing
  • Transform deployment, hosting and maintenance

Real-time Visualization of Relationships πŸ”—︎

Maltego shows relationship between formerly unconnected data sets, helping analysts to quickly identify relevant data from SIEM alerts, and then assess for real threats. It is also easy to automate repetitive investigations using Maltego Machines.

Using Maltego Machine to automate level 1 network footprint, running a series of necessary Transforms at a click on the mouse.

Easy Collaboration πŸ”—︎

Through features such as live graph sharing, chat windows, bookmarks and annotations, you can easily collaborate and merge insights with your teams.

Furthermore, you can automatically generate reports and share a clear threat overview within your organization. All this can be easily integrated into your existing workflows by pushing new insights into your SIEM or ticketing system.

Protect Your Organization from Cyber Threats with Maltego πŸ”—︎

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If you would like to learn more about how Maltego extends your cyber intelligence and investigation capabilities, schedule a demo and discuss your needs with our experts.

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